Rebranding a local business.



As a group branding assignment, we picked a local company to rebrand. Although the companies were not rebranding, they were invited to the presentations to provide us with feedback. This opportunity gave us a chance to see what interacting with a client might be like. Along with the rebrand, sponsorship opportunities, a storyboard for an ad, as well as a promotion were created.

  • EVELYN SCHOTTNER - Consumer Profile, Written Report, Research 
  • PETER FOX - Spokesperson, Stodyboard, Sponsorship, Research
  • PEPPER LATURNUS - Branding, Promotion, Mockups, Graphic Design, Research


In the original brand, a lot of emphases is placed on the cactus. The green text feels out of place with the bold black outline of the cactus and black tagline underneath.



In place of the old expressive typefaces, I used Avenir Black to modernize the logo. I toned down and simplified the cactus, an important symbol to the company. I let the green take over the background to add more colour to the brand.



Through research, our group learned that RV sales are the lowest in winter, which makes sense. As a group, we chose to create a promotion that would encourage consumers to connect with Cactus RV and purchase in the offseason. After this decision, I came up with the idea of creating a cash prize that would allow the winners to enter to “escape winter” if they purchased an RV and head somewhere warmer with their new RV.

Photo Credit: “The Long Road” by Russell McGuire, 2014



The “Escape Winter” promotion was intended to be shared via social media. By sharing the promotion through social media, Cactus RV was able to reach out to consumers during the offseason when the office was quieter. Cactus RV's new Green was used as a backdrop for the social media ads to draw consumers attention with the bright colour.

Photo Credit: “Traeger Grill”



A stationery package was designed to complement the new brand. For legibility reasons, the green is used more sparingly than in the branding. The envelope remains green to demand attention amongst a pile of mail. Promotional items and packaging were also revamped to feature the new logo and colours.

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