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First off you might be wondering, why dildos? There are endless coffee, alcohol, and clothing brand projects floating around out there. I wanted to research something less explored and create something truly fun and memorable. Throughout my process, I encountered a variety of roadblocks that required creative problem-solving. When I decided to start this project, I didn't have to make fully functioning body-safe dildos for my brand to be successful, but I wanted to just to see if I could. Not only was I successful but I feel that it genuinely made my brand pop and aided in the creation of promotional materials. I also designed a website using Mobirise which you can check out by clicking here or the button below.

Jabbercocky utilizes the many skills I have learned throughout college from fine arts to graphic design. This project required much additional research outside of classes regarding body-safe materials and process as well as existing adult brands. Much thought went into chosing the name and designing the logo. The origional direction for the brad was fantasy toys which is why the name Jabbercocky, a play on Jabberwocky, was chosen. Although only one fantasy model was made the name stuck due to it's playful nature. Keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme, a spade featuring a J in the middle was used for the logo. 


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