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Learn the skills that turn art into money.



This piece was an experimental poster to promote the Visual Communications Program at the Medicine Hat College. High school students were the primary target. A combination of bright colours was used to draw attention to the poster. Once viewers are drawn in by the colours, they are left to examine what it is they see. From a distance, the image is easier to make out than at close range, inviting the viewer to explore the poster from various distances. Connections to pop art are made through vibrant colours, pointillism dots, and use of a banana. A $20 bill emerges from the banana to symbolize creativity making money. The term "starving artist" is often used when youth inquire about the arts, which is why "starving artist?" appears as a question in bold white text. Below the tagline "Learn the skills that turn art into money." appears. The poster itself is left to represent the design elements of the program.

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